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Electric Shaver

Electric Shaver

  4.7 | 4768 Reviews

Hair-Free Skin Without the Pain!

💙 Fast & Long-Lasting Results

💙 Highly Precise

💙 No Irritated Skin

💙 Convenient and Less Painful

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    Getting older I can no longer use a regular disposable razor to shave my legs. Bought this and so far I am happy, no more nicks and bleeding legs. It does not shave as close as a razor, but not having noticible hair and no nicks is worth it. I am happy with this razor.

    Susan P.
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    As someone who has long legs shaving has always been a tedious task and always feel like I missed a spot. This shaver is quick and efficient. I love using this product. I’m prone to razor burn and haven’t received any so far. Love the light and the size of it. Some may think it’s a little loud. Overall it works wonders!

    Ester N.
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    I could not believe how many leg hairs are missed by a disposal razor until I used this! Love it! The light really helps and the shave is very close. My only regret is that I haven’t had this earlier. Excellent battery life. Super easy to use camping also.

    Rebecca J.


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    Effortless Hair Removal for Sensitive Skin

    Our electric shaver features hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades and a 3D floating foil, ensuring a smooth and irritation-free shave. It's designed to handle even the most sensitive areas like the bikini line and underarms with ease.

    Convenient and Versatile Use Anywhere, Anytime

    With IPX7 waterproofing, this shaver is perfect for both wet and dry use, allowing you to shave in the shower or bath. Its rechargeable battery offers up to 30 uses on a single charge, and the built-in LED light ensures you never miss a spot.

    Rated 4.7/5 by 4,000+ customers

    • ★★★★★

      "Saw an electric razor advertised on TT. Sure enough, they did, however, different manufacturer. Razor came already charges, works very good, I'm impressed! Glad I purchased this."

      Janice S.

    • ★★★★★

      "I bought this for my sister, and she told me that she loves it! She was thrilled with the quality and the design. It made a perfect gift and brought a big smile to her face. Highly recommend!"

      Kathie R.

    • ★★★★★

      "I saw this on tic tok and felt that it wouldn't do the job of all the hype. Turns out it is great very easy to use and comes in handy when in a rush. Definitely buy it. I will again as a gift."

      Olivia W.

    • ★★★★★

      "I like it that I won't need replace the blade. You can just remove it to rinse hair off, add little lubricant if needed. But I'll like to find replacement tho just in case it get less effective later on. So I'll look more into that later on when it starts to decline."

      Laurie R.

    • ★★★★★

      "It was fully charged when I got it. I let my hair grow quite a bit since the last time I shaved. Good price and did the job with just a little stubble here and there. A little concerned to attempt on my lady bits but I’ll have to try another time. I like it. Would recommend."

      Amy H.

    • ★★★★★

      "I saw all the reviews, it's viral on TikTok, and I finally caved and bought one. It lives up to the hype! This wonderful gadget gave me the closet shave, I was honestly shocked. I've used various electric razors over the years, but they always left my legs prickly with stubble. This razor? They're as smooth as butter! 10/10 recommend."

      Sophia M.



      Frequently Asked Question


      Is this electric shaver safe for sensitive skin?

      Yes, the shaver is equipped with hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades and a 3D floating foil, making it safe and gentle for sensitive skin, including delicate areas like the bikini line and underarms.


      How long does the battery last after a full charge?

      A full charge, which takes about 1.5 hours, allows the shaver to be used 20-30 times, lasting up to a month depending on usage frequency.


      Can the shaver be used in the shower?

      Yes, the shaver is IPX7 waterproof, making it suitable for both wet and dry use. You can safely use it in the shower or bath.


      How easy is it to clean the shaver after use?

      • The shaver features a detachable and washable shaving head. Simply press the detachable button to remove the head and clean it under running water for easy and safe maintenance.